About HPIEngineering

HPIEngineering is a design- and consultancy enterprise, your competent partner with extensive education and practical experience and further an expert in the fields of steel structures as well as steel- and composite bridge construction. Our scope of services includes:

  • Conceptional and detailed design of steel and composite structures including bridges under consideration of fabrication, transportation, assembly and installation
  • Optimisation of structures for the specific and individual application
  • Quality assurance and site supervision including supervision of welding works
  • Optimisation of structural detailing for easy fabrication and installation as well as for application and durability of corrosion protection
  • Conceptional and detailed design as well as supervision of assembly and installation on site both in Europe and internationally, especially in developing countries.
  • Conceptional and detailed design as well and supervision of rehabilitation and refurbishment projects including related demolition works.
  • Project implementation on the project management level in national and international environments.

Based on the above, we offer consultancy, design and supervision services with consideration of projects in their entirety from scratch to completion. We are pleased to help you to work out optimised, interdisciplinary and tailor made solutions as your turnkey partner. Our continuous and seamless support thereby highly contributes to reach your set out project- goals without unpleasant surprises.


Goals, Motivation and Vision

Each employer strives for achieving his project goals at the agreed quality, in the agreed time and at the agreed cost. Our goal as your partner is to work out and consistently develop optimised solutions, which meet all necessary technical and economic requirements in cooperation with you as our client throughout the entire project development and implementation. An effective cost optimisation is only successful if it achieves the required quality at the lowest possible cost not only in each single step of value creation but also regarding the overall project in its entirety.

It is our motivation to contribute to projects, which are “better” than others are. Due to our expertise, our experience and our result- orientated continuous and seamless support, we can contribute to make your project to be “more than the sum of its parts”

It is our vision to develop tailor made, optimised solutions, which satisfy all involved parties in strong cooperation with our client. We are thereby always ready to walk new paths or to adopt well- proven solutions to the latest state of the art.