Feeder Road Bridges for Ghana:

Date: 2019-2020
Location / Client: Ghana / Janson Bridging Belgium NV
Scope: Installation Supervision, Final Inspections, Reporting
short description:
  • Newly built, modular mulit-span roadbridges (1 lane / 2 lanes)
  • 5 locations with 2-5 spans each
  • Cantilevered assembly with derrick

Ship evacuation bridges:

Date: 2019
Location / Client: Vienna, Austria / GLS Bau und Montage G.M.B.H.
Scope: Technical coordination, conceptional and detailed design of kinematics and footbridge structures
short description:
  • Newly built, evacuation bridges for oil tankers in the danube- port in Vienna
  • Support of evacuation bridges on floating pontoons

Footramp and Staircase:

Date: 2019
Location / Client: Vienna, Austria / ARGE U4 Pilgramgasse
Scope: Consultancy, Conceptual and Detailed Design
short description:
  • Newly built roofed footramp with orthotropic deck as temporary access to subway station (L/W = 50m/2,8m)
  • Newly built roofed staircase incl. access bridges as temporary access to subway station
  • Crane installation

Hermitage Footbridge:

Date: 2018
Location / Client: Carinthia, Austria / tragwerkstatt ZT GmbH
Scope: Quality Assurance and factory inspection of the steel structure
short description:
  • Newly built, architecturally designed footbridge with orthotropic deck
  • L/W = 28m / 4m
  • Crane assembly

pictures: copyright by tragwerkstatt ZT GmbH

Kochchikade Bridge:

Date: 2017-2018
Location / Client: Sri Lanka / MCE GmbH
Scope: Assembly and Installation Design, Assembly Geometry, Method Statement
short description:
  • Newly built modular, skewed 3-span roadbridge with 3 maintrusses
  • L/W/G= 105m / 19m / 400 ton
  • Preassembly, longitudinal launching on rollers, lowering onto bearing height

pictures: copyright by MCE GmbH


Rehabilitation of the Adomi Bridge:

Date: 2013-2016
Location / Employer: Accra, Ghana / MCE GmbH, Branch Ghana
Job description: Local Project Manager/ Branch manager
short description:
  • Rehabilitation and partly renewal of an historical arch structure including the complete replacement of the hanger cables and the bridge deck with an orthotropic deck, sandblasting and application of a new corrosion protection on the existing arch, miscellaneous additional works
  • Length/ width / tonnage= 245m / 11.5m / 850 ton (new parts)
  • Preassembly on production line/ Installation with longitudinal launching and lowering/ lifting and lowering of access platforms for works in arch.
  • See paper: “Rehabilitation of the Adomi Bridge in Ghana

5 turnkey bridges in Sri Lanka:

Date: 2007-2008
Location / Employer: Colombo, Sri Lanka/ MCE GmbH
Job description: Member of technical project management including assembly/installation design and site supervision
short description:
  • Newly built modular 2 lane composite road bridges with latticed steel trusses and concrete deck
  • Length/ width / tonnage= 35m-125m/ 10m/ 750ton (total)
  • Assembly with cranes/ longitudinal launching / longitudinal launching with barge supported cantilever

DLB-DUB Port- Bridge:

Date: 2007-2008
Location / Employer: Vienna, Austria/ MCE GmbH
Job description: Technical project manager including fabrication and assembly/installation design and engineering and site management
short description:
  • Newly built, architecturally designed single lane steel railway bridge with orthotropic deck
  • Length/ width / tonnage= 166m/ 9m/ 2000ton
  • preassembly with large size cranes, lifting, incremental longitudinal launching and final lowering of the entire bridge

Salzach- bridge Taxham:

Date: 2006-2008
Location / Employer: Salzburg, Austria/ MCE GmbH
Job description: Member of technical project management including fabrication and assembly/installation design and engineering and site management
short description:
  • Newly built architecturally designed 3 lane composite railway bridge with tapered main trusses
  • Length/ width / tonnage= 3x158m/ 11m/ 1700ton
  • assembly with large size cranes, launching and lowering of central sections, transversal launching of the finished structure

Rehabilitation of the Danube Bridge in Krems:

Date: 2006
Location / Employer: Krems, Austria/ MCE GmbH
Job description: Project manager, including assembly/installation design and engineering, site supervision and management
short description:
  • single lane railway bridge. Lift out and storage of damaged structures after an accidental collision with a ship
  • Length/ width / tonnage=2x82m/ 5m/ 380+460ton
  • Lift- out with floating cranes, transversal launching, flood safe temporary storage
  • see paper: “Schiffsanprall Donaubrücke Krems – Aushub, Ausschwimmen und Lagerung der Tragwerke VI und VII aus stahlbautechnischer Sicht”

AS EMPLOYEE OF TU VIENNA/ Institute of structural engineering, Department for steel structures

Contribution to expert’s report concerning defects at the stadium Letzigrund in Zürich:

Date: 2010
Location / Employer: Vienna, Austria / Technical University of Vienna- Institute of Structural Engineering, Department for Steel Structures
Job description: co-author / section “Finite- Elements Analysis”
short description:
  • Main author and expert: Univ.Prof. Dr. Josef Fink
  • Examination and verification of the causes of cracks in structural steel parts
  • Creation and analysis of non- linear finite element models, parameter variation studies
  • Evaluation of remaining load bearing capacity
  • Evaluation of residual stresses due to subsequent repair welds